Training and Certification

The International Hospitality Institute and the American Hospitality Institute have partnered to offer training and certifications to hospitality leaders in various disciplines. Where can I find the best hospitality training courses? Where can I find the best hospitality management certifications? Who offers the top certifications and training for hospitality? Who is the leading provider of hospitality education for professionals working in the hospitality industry? Look no further than IHI.

Training and testing are available for the certifications listed below.  To apply, or to see if you qualify, click on the link for the certification that you are interested in. To see what our students are saying, see testimonials at the bottom of the page. IHI offers the leading hospitality training and certification programs for hospitality practitioners working at both the property and corporate level. See our Training and Certifications for the list of our prestigious certifications. IHI is the leading provider of hospitality management certifications. We are constantly adding new certifications.

What Our
Clients Say

Ludovico Morana, CFBM
Director of Food and Beverage, Terelj Resort and Spa, Mongolia

“Thank you, International Hospitality Institute”

Gayan Peiris, CHHM

Executive Housekeeper, Grand Cinnamon, Sri Lanka

“Thank you for your support!”

Carmen Gito

CFOM, Front Office Manager, Houston Marriott, USA

“I am so thankful to have taken the CFOM program and completed the course with IHI. As soon as I learned about the program, I immediately signed up and went through the course. I found the CFOM course to be interesting and insightful. I have been inspired to recommend the training to other FOMs, AFOMs, and Directors of Rooms.”

Luis Kuglitsch

CHGM, Complex General Manager, PM Hotel Group, USA

“I wanted to personally thank the International Hospitality Institute for providing such an appealing and informative certification. I can now feel confident, with my certification in Hotel Management.”

Volkan Tekinkoc

CHGM, General Manager, Marriott International, USA

“Thank you, International Hospitality Institute for the certification. It was a beneficial course and refresher. I will recommend it to all hospitality leaders. Never stop learning.”

Barinder Singh

CHGM, General Manager, Sheraton Old Town Alexandria, Virginia, USA

“The International Hospitality Institute has done a great job with the CHGM course. The course format is user-friendly, and the course is very informative.”

Raffaele Ruocco

CHGM, Hotel Manager, Westin London

“In these difficult times, when the hospitality industry is struggling to get back to its feet, economies around the world are shrinking and there is not much optimism for the future, the only thing we can really do is never give up, keep on learning and better ourselves. Thank you, International Hospitality institute.”