The International Hospitality Institute has launched its 5-Platinum Hospitality and Customer Service rating program, an award program that will recognize excellence in the field of hospitality. An elevated 21st century approach to assessing customer service and hospitality, the 5 Platinum designation will be issued exclusively to service-oriented establishments that deliver extraordinary customer service in extraordinary spaces operated by extraordinary people. IHI expects that no more than 1% of the world’s finest properties will qualify as 5 Platinum establishments.

IHI’s 5 Platinum program is redefining luxury, taking service excellence and product certification to a rarefied level, using the most rigorous standards possible. Unlike existing rating programs which focus predominately on product or service delivery, the 5-Platinum program will take a holistic approach, assessing both the quality of customer service as well as the features and amenities offered by the establishment.

With an obsessive, unwavering focus on qualitative, experiential customer service, the 5 Platinum seal will certify that an establishment is delivering the highest standards of luxury possible.