Hospitality Institute


International Hospitality Institute

The International Hospitality Institute is a global advocacy, training, and standards organization for the hospitality industry. IHI is committed to promoting excellence in the hospitality industry worldwide. IHI will work to improve wage conditions and work climate for hospitality practitioners while also pushing for supportive corporate, legislative, and governmental policies on behalf of the industry’s stakeholders.

IHI has created the HCode, the first and only unified code of conduct for the global hospitality industry. IHI has also created the Hospitality Pledge of Ethics for hospitality practitioners.

The global hospitality industry includes hotels, resorts, restaurants, casinos, clubs, senior living centers, retirement communities, spas, bed and breakfasts, peer-to-peer lodging, cruise ships, theme parks, hospitality schools, hospitality students, hotel management companies, REITS, airlines, event planners, transportation companies, entertainment companies, and industry vendors and partners.

If you are looking for hospitality education or hospitality management certifications, IHI offers the top hospitality certification programs and best hotel management training.  


IHI is partnered with its sister organization, the American Hospitality Institute (AHI), to foster excellence in the hospitality industry.


A united and thriving hospitality industry that continues to support the global economy.


The International Hospitality Institute and the American Hospitality Institute have partnered to offer training and certifications to hospitality leaders in various disciplines.

Core Focus Areas of IHI

  • Train and certify hospitality professionals.
  • Recognize excellence in the hospitality industry through the Julian Star Award which is issued in partnership with the American Hospitality Institute.
  • Function as a think-tank and advocacy organization to influence national policy for the benefit of the global hospitality industry.
  • Function as a bridge and ombudsman between national governments and the hospitality establishments in each country.
  • Establish core operational standards for the global hospitality industry.
  • Disseminate the HCode, the unified Code of Conduct for the global hospitality industry.
  • Encourage hospitalitarians worldwide to take the Hospitality Pledge of Ethics.